Post message for Condor, Agent of SWORD

Hello, it has always been my intention to write posts on each page that I had posted from this comic.  Life has a funny way of throwing change ups in your plans when you least expect it to, so I just settled with posting the comic.  I wanted to do this just to put my reasoning into why I made the page the way it is in the post and also because I have never worked my posts with notes every time (posts with notes, heh).  When I do my next posting of some classic work I’ve done over the years, I will work on doing more of that, but I will use this time to focus on what my plan was for Condor.

When I finished working on my comic book several years ago, Dark Knight, Crescent Crusader (Not affiliated with Batman), I had wanted to change to another type of character base instead of the vigilante/super hero genre.  I had thought about some other ideas that I had at the time, but the one that really stood out for me was secret agent/spy.  I thought up Condor as a mix of James Bond meets Spider Man (sort of).  I really liked coming up with this story basically because it was different.  I am looking at other ideas for my next webcomic idea in the future, and that has caught my attention.

Stay tuned for the next classic story next week!

Be blessed.

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