I’ll be reposting the Shield of Justice on Global Comix

Hey, good people. Just wanted to add an update on the web comic hosting. I have mentioned that Global Comix will be my new hosting site for past and future web comics for Pisces Concepts. You can just look up Pisces Concepts on the site to go directly to my series. I do like how it gives me more options to post, so I decided to “finally” stick with this one. We’ll see what the future holds.

I also wanted to add a bonus, since I added some pages of art to the site, I will also re post the Shield of Justice stories weekly, so anyone who has heard me talk about it on the Learning Curve Podcast or would like to just catch up on my old adventures can go there, starting today. Thanks again for all you guys do for me and my art, it’s very appreciated.

Stay blessed, everyone.



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