Marvel Phase 4: What did I learn, part 1

Hello, good people. I’ve been sick with the stomach flu most of the week, so I had taken some time off from work. I have been thinking about the next part of Equinox: Ascension, writing more parts to the world building and other things as I was trying to get well. This will be a quick two part thought process about Marvel Phase 4 that came to me today and I wanted to blog about it before I did anything else.

I had several thoughts about what I watched in Phase 4. True, I am a comic book fan for a long time and I like all types of stories and companies who make them. Marvel will be my go-to more often than not and watching Phase 4 I was confused on what and where the end game was coming from at the end. I haven’t seen Wakanda Forever yet, but from what I pieced together from other people’s thoughts on the movie (no spoilers), it changed my view on the Phase.

What did I learn? It’s about Symbolism. I thought about the shows and movies from the current phase and was thinking about how many types of symbols have been introduced in Phase 4. Now all of them are not about symbols, of course, but to me, it seems more symbols were more aware. I’ll get more into this in part 2 in two weeks, but I hope this makes some type or sense. Let me know if you feel it makes sense or not.

Be blessed everyone.


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