Capes and Cowls blog: Who in Marvel would you give a DC power ring?

I’ll cut to the chase, I thought of this last night and wanted your answers to this:

Which 4 characters in Marvel would you give a Power Ring?  This will be over the next seven days working with the main seven rings.  There’s only two rules:

  1. You can only pick ONE person per ring, so you can’t give the same character all seven rings (that’s too easy, don’t you think?)
  2. It can only be a superhero or villain.  Non powered heroes or villains are okay as well as aliens.

You can place your answers here on the Pisces Concepts blog, on Twitter under Pisces Concepts or on the Pisces Concepts facebook page.  (Now that it’s up now)

Today, we’ll start with the old standby..Willpowerpower rings

have fun and be blessed!

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