Pisces Concepts Updates: Podcasting and Domain Names

Okay, some may have noticed that there are a couple of changes to The Learning Curve blog title on Pisces Concepts now being changed to the Capes and Cowls Blog.  The reason is because I’m now using the Learning Curve title on my new PODCAST.  Yes, I’m been working on this for the past month or so but now it’s official, The Learning Curve: A Webcomic’s Podcast is now up and running on a monthly schedule on Soundcloud.  I will normally post it every first Tuesday of the month, but since it’s already up (jumped the gun on the first one), the next episode will be up in October.  I hope you all go over for a listen and let me know what you think and what you would like to hear in the future by posting comments here, my email piscesconcepts@hotmail.com as well as my twitter, Pisces Concepts.  I’ll also be working on posting a link to my episodes on Soundcloud soon so stay tuned.

Second, the new domain name for Pisces Concepts is changing.  It will now be http://www.piscesconcepts.com due to an upgrade on my plan.  Keep checking in on the site for other upcoming changes that I think will be a plus for everyone.

That’s all the news so far, still working on the Shield of Justice webcomic so keep listening and following the site for more news. Thank you all for your support because it means alot to me!

Be blessed

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