Cincy Comic Expo Day 1 and 2

Well, the Expo has come to a close and today has been one of the best I’ve had at any comic con.  I had my panel today and discussed The shield of justice, how I got started in webcomics and other topics.  I had more people there than I expected, including my long time best friend who was at the Expo with his daughter.  It felt so good to talk to a crowd about what I love and what they were interested in as well.  I could have talked to them for more than 45 minutes.  In the end, it was a phenomenal time and the best I’ve been to so far.

I just wanted to thank everyone who attended (thankfully I made enough cards!).  You guys asked alot of great questions about webcomic designing and even gave me some tools to look up to help with mine.  I truly appreciate and hope you visit and like the blogs. I also want to thank everyone who has liked my two blogs and follow them.  It has been a great ride so far and I’m just getting started.

Be blessed.

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